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Lori Goss Wise
Lori Goss Wise

Lori is no stranger to promoting! Entering the work force, at an early age, she has always been at the top of her game. From office supplies to building supplies, Lori has been successful. She quickly climbed the corporate ladder and for 31 years remained with the same company proving both commitment & loyalty. Ninety Five percent (95%) of those years were spent in customer service, sales, marketing and management. She is known for her tenacity and work ethic. However, after several corporate personnel changes, she knew it was time to follow the conviction God placed in her heart. It was the perfect transition. Lori loves this industry and the amazing people she has met.

Lori’s husband (Russell Wise) just recently celebrated 40 years in Southern Gospel music. He was a longtime member of Wendy Bagwell & The Sunliters. During Spring of 2015, Lori and Russell started the group Surrendered. Quickly, Lori realized the best way to promote the group was social media and just digging in and working hard. Something she knew all about. Lori is results oriented!

Over the past 3 years, artists have called and asked her to “represent” them and she simply always provided them a variety of other promoter names and numbers. With a needed nudge from her husband, she soon realized God was already making provisions for what He was calling her to do…promote His very talented children. Wise Choice Promotions & Management is excited about this journey. Loving people is a talent Lori was blessed with… she truly wants everyone to succeed!

To know Lori is to know she has a big smile, provides big hugs, is hard working when completing tasks and is lovingly referred to as Aunt Lori! She loves a good challenge and loves working with some of the best artists in the industry. Lori loves the underdog story and is always willing to help others. As she stated, “If we are truly called to ministry, then Love is the greatest way to minister”!

Lori is not slowing down or backing down and WCP is growing weekly. Additional administrative personnel is now being added. Lori can concentrate simply on the artist, their needs, their desires, their success! With God at the helm, it’s exciting to see where WCP is headed. It is obvious that Lori loves what she is doing!